Areas of expertise

Architectural trades

Metallery - Locksmith

The company’s founding business, the high or low voltage electrical installation, remains an important element in the company’s activity. Turnover in this trade increased from € 10 million in 2006 to € 40 M in 2016. Today ERI intervenes in all fields related to electricity and figures among the major players in the sector.

False ceilings - False floors - Closes

Weak currents are another historic ERI activity. Whether it’s fire safety systems such as anti-intrusion, video surveillance such as access control, computer wiring like automatism, weak currents are ubiquitous on our sites and form part of the company’s genetic heritage.

Joinery - Arrangement

Thanks to the success of the implementation of the Metallery unit, ERI quickly completed its offer in combination by integrating the wood trades into the department. Whether in building joinery or high-end fittings, the Wood Joinery Unit has all the expertise internally to carry out the most technical projects.


By integrating Sesini ©, known for its know-how, the company Sesini ©, recognized for its know-how, wanted to complement its offer in combination with the careful integration of high technical standards. This unit is now able to respond both to building markets and to highly technical projects of the company’s historical customers, offering ERI an undeniable competitive advantage.


The successful establishment of units with various integrated competencies within ERI has created a demand for our clients to respond to invitations to tender all bodies of state. ‡ If the TCE unit is a fully-fledged unit, it benefits from the specific support and expertise of the other units when applications involve elements with particular technicality.

Plumbing - Coverage

For 10 years ERI has strengthened its technical offer through the creation of a plumbing unit – coverage at the request of its customers. This activity is carried out in multiple areas of intervention ranging from simple troubleshooting to complex complex equipment.
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