Areas of expertise

Technical trades

High Voltage

The company’s founding business, the high or low voltage electrical installation, remains an important element in the company’s activity. Turnover in this trade increased from € 10 million in 2006 to € 40 M in 2016. Today ERI intervenes in all fields related to electricity and figures among the major players in the sector.

Low Voltage

Weak currents are another historic ERI activity. Whether it’s fire safety systems such as anti-intrusion, video surveillance such as access control, computer wiring like automatism, weak currents are ubiquitous on our sites and form part of the company’s genetic heritage.


Over the last 15 years, our customers’ demands for telecom networks have been growing. We have therefore built and developed multi-media expertise in these areas. The constant evolution of technology leads us to continually train our technicians. Technical wiring, radio, video, optical light are areas in which ERI demonstrates its know-how every day.

Technical furniture

The constant desire to distinguish itself from competition through innovation led ERI ➟ to propose Informater ©, registered trademark of innovative technical furniture (supervisory console and hypervision, wall wall, server bays, rail furniture etc.). Information © complements the ERI offer in High/Weak Currents and Telecom.


In order to support its offer and to have the totality of the professions of the multi-multitechnique, ERI has integrated its field of expertise in the field of climate engineering. An activity that now represents more than 7 M € turnover and has strong growth potential.

Multi-technical maintenance

ERI’s recognized expertise in the multi-multitechnique, both construction/renovation and current maintenance, is accompanied by a global maintenance offer, ranging from simple troubleshooting to operating contract with 24/24 and 7 j/7. ERI also intervenes in monotechnique.
Multi-faceted technical expertise