Our commitments

A responsible corporate citizen


An organisation with high manpower levels that wishes to remain economically relevant in a highly competitive climate can leave nothing to chance. Each process in the company must be precisely described so that it can be carried out to perfection. The chain of production, from the first quote through to the completion of works, must be constantly analysed and improved. The ISO 9001 certification acquired in 1996 is evidence of the company’s commitment to providing the client with the highest level of service.


It may be today’s social phenomenon, but the environment has been a priority at ERI for longer than that, having received the first ISO 14001 certification in 2005. Today ERI continues to reduce its ecological footprint with lighter, more sustainable, recyclable materials: every aspect is explored to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment. An environmental charter is included in the welcome booklet that is given out to all staff, so at ERI, there’s no one who can say “I didn’t know”!


The diversity of work that ERI employees are engaged in exposes them to the risk of work accidents. Despite this, the company aims for a target of 0% accidents. To attain this target, ERI has developed a pro-active preventative health and safety policy which includes the following:

  • An OHSAS 18001 certification in all of the fields worked in
  • Written commitment from all levels of the company
  • Provision of safety equipment for both teams and individuals
  • Constant renewal of the fleet of company vehicles
  • Exchange of good practices between the various trades
  • Each employee receives training in risk prevention

Social responsibility

Well-being at ERI can be summed up by one idea; happy staff are healthy in mind.

  • A good indicator of this is staff turnover, which at ERI is almost zero.
  • Staff have real autonomy and greater freedom
  • Young people enter the company through apprenticeships or work-based training contracts.
  • Almost 50 young people are present at all levels of the company, from trainees to engineers.
  • In addition to developing jobs, through this ERI is also able to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • The employment of people with disabilities is also possible due to the wide variety of job types at the company.
  • All members of staff are recruited according to strict qualification and motivation criteria.
  • More than 10,000 hours of professional experience.
  • Almost 10% of site supervisors are female.