The company

A high level of expertise for over 50 years

A major company in the construction industry, ERI provides real solutions for private and public contracts. Whether for comprehensive project management or individual skills, ERI has the expertise required for any building project. Whether for comprehensive services or individual skills, ERI has provided clients with its high level of skill in all areas of the building industry.

A highly qualified company

Quality certification
ISO 9001 – 2015 version

Safety certification
OHSAS 18001 – 2007 version

Environment certification
ISO 14001 – 2015 version
Certificate No. SM/2008/32074a

Multi-service, Multi-disciplinary offering

ERI has more than 50 years of unique experience with both high and low voltage in the field of electrical engineering. Its ability to satisfy its clients in related fields led it to expand into other areas. With an emphasis on quality, today ERI works on projects in all areas of the building industry, from technical to architectural.
Its cutting-edge technical and human resources ensure a high level of service.

The dynamics of an ambitious company

ERI, a company renowned for its experience and skill, provides its clients with a wide range of technical and human resources. Thanks to its integrated systems, ERI provides long-lasting, reliable solutions which meet the highest quality standards and anticipate the future needs of all living environments.
ERI: a human-sized company with the resources and ambitions of a large organisation.

Proximity, availability and responsiveness

These are the driving forces behind the company which, although working exclusively in the construction sector, nonetheless remains a service company. Our staff are trained with this in mind, and develop a strong customer focus, as our year-on-year rise in turnover can attest to.

Service quality

Service quality is at the heart of our company.
This originates from the founding of the company, and developed from the experiences of our past customers such as RATP, who did not and cannot permit any hazards on-site. Over time, this developed into a habit and has become a central part of the company culture.

Planning and adaptability

The company is constantly evolving on a daily basis, researching good practices and new technologies. The company must be agile and understand how to adapt and change to avoid succumbing to fads. This is possible due to the stable leadership provided by the company directors.